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Things to consider before buying a web hosting plan


So you need to buy a web hosting for your new website ?  Here are some simple tips which will help you with your purchase and setting up your new website. Well there are many things needed to consider before buying a web hosting plan. Starters usually purchase a shared …

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Make website and earn money a simple guide

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You may be one of those many out there who wanted to make money from the internet. And you are stuck without knowing what to do or how to do. Years ago, i also  tried the same like you did. And i found the most important thing. “Most make money …

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How to make awesome HDR images with photomatix

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You may have seen several breathtaking HDR images all around the web and may felt wondered how how they are made. Well anyone can do it. It all requires only a software called Photomatix and a camera. With photomatix you can also make such breathtaking colorful HDR images So what …

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Sex switching mosquito gene will help to prevent dengue


Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading diseases like dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever viruses. If you don’t know, male mosquitoes don’t bite you. It’s the female mosquitos which bite you. Since blood is essential for the development of eggs in her body. Now researchers have found a gene that can transform …

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Top foods with high fiber content


Here is a list of food with high fiber. But you might ask why fiber is needed in diet? Well the answer is its essential. Fiber is of two types. Soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is helpful to lower cholesterol and maintains glucose level. Also it makes stool heavy and …

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Xperia Z series to get Android 5.1


Sony Z series phones got Android Lollipop update recently. Now, it seems they are going to get android 5.1 update soon.According to Australian carrier Telstra, Three phones, Xperia Z, Z1, and Z compact are going to receive android 5.1 update by august 2015. While there are no other news about …

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ColorOS camera ported to OnePlus One


OnePlus One owner? Interested in Photograpgy ? Here is a good news for you. The guys in XDA just ported Color OS camera to OnePlus one which is supposed to be work with the CyanogenMod 11S Now OnePlus one Owners can Shoot 50MP photos with their OnePlus One. There is …

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BMW i8 launched in India


The German car maker, BMW launched their high end hybrid sports car, i8 which is priced at 2.29 crores. This car is produced under their iproject. Followed by the launch, BMW group India president Philip Von Sahr said that “The car was showcased in New Delhi as a concept car …

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A list of must have WordPress plugins


Akismet When you start a website or blog running on WordPress, within days spammers will find your website and start spamming your website with comments. This can be annoying. Reviewing comments manually and removing them can be time consuming. Here Akismet can help you. Akismet can be the silent assassin …

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Micromax canvas hue with 30 days battery back up


Micromax has added a new phone to its lineup of smart phones. The phone called Canvas Hue is priced at 10999 rupees will be available from coming Friday, (16-1-2015) Online and offline One of the biggest highlight of this phone is, company claims that the phone will deliver 30 days …

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Asus Zenfone 2 and Zenfone Zoom


Asus recently was teasing about an upcoming phone from Asus with a tagline, “See what others can’t see”. From that, people imagined a lot or guessed a lot, from a camera which performs much well in low light, to a camera which is equipped with a thermal image sensor. Well …

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OnePlus one gets new ROM


OnePlus released their new Android Lollipop based ROM for their most famous model OnePlus One. The alpha release just released so for sure it will have bugs. And it resembles to the stock android ROM much more than anything else Followed by the Controversies with the CyanogenMod OS and a …

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Make money online


There are many make money articles around, and you may have seen a lot of ways to make money online, well I will be straight and honest. I am not endorsed by any company/individual or getting paid for promoting their business or product. So I am only listing the ways …

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Android Lollipop features


Its lollipop after KitKat, Google has announced the latest version of their Famous Android OS which is called as lollipop. The lollipop OS is designed aesthetically has a simpler and beautiful UI and also came with a responsive design to work with various devices Since Android is used in various …

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